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Christmas Glitter

Christmas Glitter

by Ann B. Harrison

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  • ISBN 1230001972276
  • English
  • 208 Pages
  • 56831 Words

Christmas Glitter

by Ann B. Harrison

After a rough year involving a serious car accident, painful recovery and broken engagement, Dakota Moore moves to Cherry Lake to rebuild her life. To embrace her new community, she volunteers to coordinate the annual Christmas tree gala. Adam Clements has come home to help his mother run the family business while his father recovers from a heart attack. For the last decade, he's been a high-flying soccer player, enjoying the life that comes with his popularity. But something is missing and he can't put his finger on it... until he returns to Cherry Lake and remembers the feeling of home. Adam tries to keep his distance because he knows he'll be leaving, but he can't deny his attraction to Dakota. With the countdown to Christmas on, can Dakota convince Adam that his home is right there in Cherry Lake, with her?

Review & Comments

  • Margaret Sholders

    I have discovered a new author, Ann Harrison. She has pulled me right into this book. There may be some tears but anyone could read this book. Dakota is a jeweler. She can make and sell jewels! She came to Cherry Lake to recoup from an accident. She meets Adam who is working for his father, with a bad heart. He wants to show her the town. He is a Seattle soccer player. He has a teen, Cody, who wants Adam to teach. Major Spoiler! He has forget his promise. As it is close to Christmas, Dakota promises to pick a tree to raise money. Adam has found that he has a same thing his Dad had. Major Spoiler! He is on time . Dakota also has a small time to decorate her tree. There is 6 trees to pick the best decoration. Next comes the action to find the auction for charity money. I fell into this book. The people and story line are real. Don't let this get away! Enjoy reading this story!.

    November 17, 2017
  • Cathy Geha

    Christmas Glitter by Ann B. Harrison The Moore Sisters of Montana Sweet Holiday Romance ~ Healing, love, family and holiday spirit abound in this small town Christmas story. Dakota Moore has moved to Cherry Lake after a rough year. She is unsure that the creative job she is well known for will be a possibility for her in the future after the accident she was in. One of the first people she meets is Adam Clement – professional soccer player – home to help his father out while he recuperates from a cardiac incident. The two are definitely attracted BUT neither believes they are ready for romance. With Adam trying to figure out what he wants to do with his future and Dakota worried about hers there is much to explore for both of them through the book. In addition to the potential for romance the two are involved in community with a tree decorating, soccer clinics and more going on for the reader to enjoy. I enjoyed the book and felt it was written by someone from “Down Under” even though the term soccer was used instead of football and the setting was in Seattle – and – I do believe the author lives in Australia so I was right. This does not detract from the story but it was interesting…as was the story. If you are looking for a sweet small town holiday romance filled with community and holiday spirit this might be the book for you. Thank you to NetGalley and Tule Publishing for the ARC – This is my honest review. 4 Stars.

    November 13, 2017
  • Elsie

    A nice down home wholesome love story. It is told with honesty and feeling. A few glitches in people’s lives but with a bit of work they make it. Nice story.

    December 13, 2018
  • Paige

    If your looking for a creative romance and a quick read I suggest you read this I washooked and can't wait to read the rest of the series!!.

    January 20, 2019
  • Spicegalandgal

    lOved it. Nice love story with a small town vibes.

    January 23, 2019

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