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How To Break Up With Your Crazy Girlfriend? Without Driving Her Super Crazy!

How To Break Up With Your Crazy Girlfriend? Without Driving Her Super Crazy!

by Dirty Dodgy Dave

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  • ISBN 9781516326310
  • English
  • 36 Pages
  • 10657 Words

How To Break Up With Your Crazy Girlfriend? Without Driving Her Super Crazy!

by Dirty Dodgy Dave

**Nope! You don't need a Crazy Girlfriend to read this. If you love humor, you will love this! It is simply fun. If you do have a Crazy Girlfriend, it will be helpful! ** WARNING: This book is not advisable for Crazy Chicks as the word Crazy has been used extensively throughout the book and might be traumatic to them.  "A book exclusively on how to breakup with Crazy Chicks without provoking them!" Hey guys!! We come across both nice girls and crazy girls. Some of us might have a liking for crazy stalkers and naggers while others, who want to remain sane and alive, tend to look for nice or at least normal girls. This book will be helpful in the following situations.

  • A guy with a thing for crazy might wake up someday and realize the real horror of being in a relationship with a crazy woman and decide that he doesn't want crazy relationships anymore. The whole deal might scare him.
  • Your "normal" girlfriend might turn out to be a Crazy Chick.  "Sadly, all that glitters is not gold."  This is the MOST DANGEROUS kind of Crazy!
  • You (being a bad guy) drive your nice/normal girlfriend crazy. Right now she is not normal but is temporarily on Crazy Mode!
  • You both drive each other crazy. Right now she is on Crazy Mode while you being sane understand that the relationship is toxic and that it will not work out. But you are scared to tell her that it would be better for both to break up or take a break.
  • In all the above cases, the chick will not take it easy if you breakup with her. Crazy Chicks and Chicks on Crazy Mode have that unquenchable stalking power which will make you crap in your pants.  We will be primarily discussing about breaking up with Crazy Chicks which can be used for breaking up with Chicks on Crazy Mode. Breaking up with a crazy chick is a dangerous task. But it can be made fun, interesting, memorable and adventurous if you plan it well. This book will help you to breakup in a manner where you will not endure any drama, danger, death and loss (of property, possession, pets, limbs or other valuable body parts) which happens when you break up with crazy women. *************** Dear Ladies!  Do not rush to a conclusion that this book is one filled with rude and derogatory remarks. It is based on psychology and I prefer to tell it in my own way (Fun Way Is My Way!). You might be a good kind. But nobody can deny the fact about the existence of crazy, creepy, toxic men and women out there. In this book we discuss ways of breaking up with the crazy women. My book about breaking up with psychopathic boyfriend is on the way. So just relax. Crazy chicks alone will be offended by this wonderful book! -Dirty Dodgy Dave PS: The term Crazy Chick is used interchangeably for Crazy Women as the author wants to keep  it fun enough for the poor men who are reading this.  The author is aware of the fact that all women are not chicks. It can be taken as a compliment by the Crazy Chicks!

    Review & Comments

    • Rodger

      Hilarious! I read the Teaser! Loved it! I know that it will be real fun! Can;t wait to get the full book!.

      October 20, 2015
    • SHAN

      HILARIOUS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVED IT!!! I don't have a crazy girlfriend but still I loved it!! I want a crazy girlfriend!.

      October 21, 2015
    • Andy

      Besides the funny stuff, the advises are good too! Loved it! I bought for fun as my GF is not a crazy girl. Not at all disappointed.

      October 21, 2015

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