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Layers Trilogy Box Set (featuring prequel Dazzled by Silver)

Layers Trilogy Box Set (featuring prequel Dazzled by Silver)

by Lacey Silks

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  • ISBN 9781927715253
  • English
  • 862 Pages
  • 249980 Words

Layers Trilogy Box Set (featuring prequel Dazzled by Silver)

by Lacey Silks

Secrets can forge greatest connections, but they can also tear them apart. From surprise first encounters to daring rescue missions, the Layers Trilogy follows a family of alpha millionaire private investigators who struggle to keep the women they love, safe and satisfied. This special boxed collection includes four novels, each with a story filled with loving alpha-male heroes, feisty heroines and complicated plots that satisfy with unexpected endings. Step inside the secret world of the Cross brothers as the chivalrous men steal your heart, one page at a time. Fall in love with their unique families, watch them grow and become stronger, and indulge in their sizzling romances. Order the Layers Trilogy Box Set today and get wrapped up in a love story filled with layers of secrets. “I absolutely LOVED this boxed set and the strength of the men and women portrayed.” ★★★★★ from Jo’s Book Addictions “The characters hit close to home and felt like I was reading about parts of my own life.” ★★★★★ from Texas Angel “The way she skillfully intertwines love, steamy sex, romance, danger and intrigue had me on the edge of my seat on more than one occasion.” ★★★★★ from Merabai NOVELS INCLUDED Dazzled by Silver (prequel to the Layers Trilogy)

He's not ready to commit. She's looking for a fling. And their thrilling game of cat and mouse is about to raise the stakes.

Layers Deep (Book 1)

He needs to save a friend. She wants to plan her revenge. Their pasts scar them layers deep, their passion distracts them, and distractions can be fatal.

Layers Peeled (Book 2)

New life binds them. Past ghosts haunt her. Old secrets distract him. And history repeats itself.

Layers Off (Book 3)

She’s gone through hell and back. He’s kept a secret that could send her there again. And they’re fighting their way back to each other.

********************** romantic suspense, alpha millionaire romance, box set series, love triangle espionage, wealthy private investigator,Dominant alpha male romance possessive, amnesia romance collection

Review & Comments

  • Rita

    Liked the stories. Kept me interested...we should all have our Cross with us at all times. Enjoy reading this series.

    May 29, 2015
  • Erica

    I enjoyed reading these books it was very liberating. Very well written . I enjoyed all the characters and wanted more. I couldn't stop reading.

    May 28, 2015
  • Lee

    Excellent read. Hot and sexy. Always on the edge of your seat.

    September 30, 2017
  • Kathy

    Great set of trilogy book set. Loved it, will continue to read next set about Emma. Story reallyholds your interest, hard to put book down.

    August 29, 2015
  • Kelly Standen Jesso

    I just finished reading Dazzled With Silver the prequel to the trilogy as well as the Layers Trilogy. I loved the series! Man those Cross men are the stuff steamy dreams are made from,wow! Everything is bang on the story line is thrilling, the characters are more that great.i love the way the stories smoothly flowed from on to next. Talk about plot twists... This is a must read!.

    November 4, 2016

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