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Mistletoe Red (Dracula's Mistletoe: Part 1 of 2, Book 1)

Mistletoe Red (Dracula's Mistletoe: Part 1 of 2, Book 1)

by R. Kitt

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  • ISBN 1230002070049
  • English
  • 61 Pages
  • 16815 Words

Mistletoe Red (Dracula's Mistletoe: Part 1 of 2, Book 1)

by R. Kitt

Eighteen year old Sunday Merkwood is finishing up with high school, saving up for college, and trying not to fall for Jamie's incessant advances. For two years she's succeeded, but that is about to change. Eighteen year old Jamie Tepes knows one thing above all else, he will get the girl, he's a very patient guy. Being a Dracula with an eternity has its perks, and he wants Sunday in that equation. This book is sexually explicit, and concludes Sunday and Jamie's story in part 2.

Review & Comments

  • Nova

    This is a fun start to what I can tell is going to be a wonderful series. It takes place in a world with supernatural beings. It’s a tale of teenage forbidden love between two species. Jamie is a Dracula and fell in love with Sunday the first time he saw her. She’s a mistletoe and between the two species there is a lot of bad blood. (No pun intended). Jamie is determined that they are going to be together and after many years convinces her to go on one date of his choosing. Sunday loves Jamie but can’t give him her heart because she’s scared he will tire of her and she doesn’t think she can survive that. He’s finally got her where he wants her but her parents don’t approve and she’s really betrothed to another! Can they prove to everyone that theirs is a love not forbidden but true in every way. Short, fun and enough drama to keep you entertained.

    February 04, 2018
  • Hanne VG

    Jamie and Sunday met each other a few years ago. They have a crush on each other and Jamie flirts a little bit with Sunday, but nothing happened between them until one night. Sunday is working at a bar when Jamie is determined to convince Sunday to finally go out on a date with him. He finally succeeds. Their date may not go perfectly, but it’s the start of their relationship. Mistletoe Red is a short, fast paced, sweet and hot read. I really liked this book. I liked Jamie and Sunday. Sunday is a mistletoe and Jamie is a dracula. Their love is forbidden, but they can’t fight against their feelings anymore. Their love is strong. They want to be together and no one or nothing can stop them from being together. I just missed some information about them and their past to make me really know them and to understand their attraction. I hope to know them better in Mistletoe Black.

    February 03, 2018
  • April D

    This is the first book I've read by this author and I can't get enough!! Absolutely loved it!.

    May 09, 2018
  • Montzalee W

    Mistletoe Red (Dracula's Mistletoe #1) by R. Kitt is a book I requested and the review it voluntary. This book has great imagination! Vamps, draculas, (not the same here), touch of magic, sexy time, kids growing up, and strange traditions. Great story and it gets hot! Loved it! Loved the characters and the freshness of it!.

    January 08, 2018
  • carvanz

    Jamie has been flirting with Sunday for two years. When the opportunity presents itself, he wagers her a bet for a date. Despite her reservations, Sunday accepts and is then promptly trounced. Now she owes Jamie a date, and he is adamant that it begin with dinner with her parents. It feels as though Jamie has wanted Sunday forever. With a winning hand, the doors to claiming her are opened. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out the way one hopes but he won’t give up easily. This is a very quick little story that is the beginning of this couple’s relationship. I absolutely loved that Jamie was all in for Sunday and she quickly lets go of those things those have been holding her back. At least for a little while. This ends in a happy for now and has very nicely set up what will be the next book. I’m so curious to learn where this author is going to take the story Midnight Black. On to the next! Advanced reader copy provided by author and this is very much my honest review. Dual POV Safe – no ow/om drama No apparent triggers .

    February 06, 2018

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