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The Sasha McCandless Series: Volume 2

The Sasha McCandless Series: Volume 2

by Melissa F. Miller

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  • ISBN 1230000203685
  • English
  • 680 Pages
  • 185087 Words

The Sasha McCandless Series: Volume 2

by Melissa F. Miller

Volume 2 of the bestselling Sasha McCandless legal thriller series is a treat for Sasha lovers! This volume bundles four titles in the series--two full-length legal thrillers and two novellas that focus on the Sasha's relationship with Leo Connelly (with a dash of danger and intrigue!). Titles in this volume: Indispensable Party (Book 4) Lovers and Madmen: A Sasha McCandless Novella (Book 4.5) Improper Influence (Book 5) A Marriage of True Minds(Book 5.5)

Review & Comments

  • Karin

    Once again, another excellent novel culminating in the joining of the hero and heroine. An easy read.

    July 10, 2014
  • Fritzi

    Contines to be an excellent series. Single criticism is that the early part of 4 is the confusion of names where someone is referred to by both first and last name interchangeably and it took a good while to figure out that Leo and Connelly were one in the same as was a lessor but important character referred to by alternatively his first and last name. S.

    December 18, 2014

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