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Toilet Train Your Cat: Relaxed Cat's DIY Accident-Free Guide

Toilet Train Your Cat: Relaxed Cat's DIY Accident-Free Guide

by Marian Pack

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  • ISBN 9781301576418
  • English
  • 58 Pages
  • 16861 Words

Toilet Train Your Cat: Relaxed Cat's DIY Accident-Free Guide

by Marian Pack

Relaxed Cat teaches the only Do It Yourself toilet-training method that consistently graduates cats without accidents by keeping them happy. It started as one biologist’s blog, became a website with training videos, and now it’s available as an ebook. Training charts are included, so you know when to move forward without stressing your animal. Cat lovers can't wait to buy this book. Contents: 63 Topics and 30 Training Charts TABLE OF CONTENTS

INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND Welcome! And . . . Cheers! What is a toilet-trained cat? And why would anyone want one? How did relaxed cat start? What’s an accident? How long will an accident set training back? Are the original relaxed cats still accident-free? Why do cats have so many accidents with commercial products? Commercial products fail for 3 reasons 3 reasons relaxed cats are accident-free What’s unique about a mock toilet? Why not train on the real toilet instead of the mock toilet? How long will it take to toilet-train? Did the original relaxed cats use all the training strategies?

TRAINING BASICS Switching from another training method Does my cat need to be spayed or neutered to toilet-train? How much does my cat need me around? Can my declawed cat balance on the toilet? 4 considerations before sharing your toilet with the cat 4 facts about successful trainers Training dietary needs Treats and toys best litter for toilet training Is toilet-training for every cat? Take the quiz Pre-training Training overview 4 strategies for successful training and 14 options How many mock toilets do i need? 3 ways to keep the high and low postures easy for your cat Training kittens Training adult cats Training multiple cats Training aging cats Not training outdoor cats

BUILD THE MOCK TOILET 5 items to build your own mock toilet The most important products Quick setup Detailed setup: 10 steps for DIY mock toilet assembly How deep should I bury the water containers?

TRAINING STRATEGIES Your cat will tell you when it’s time to progress Soggy litter Playing, batting, and scratching the water My cat likes privacy 3 signs an accident is imminent 3 signs my cat can train faster Moving the mock toilet Can I help with paw placement? My cat can urinate but not defecate My cat can defecate but not urinate Defecating on the toilet seat Innocent accidents Deliberate accidents are communication attempts Vacation strategies Trouble-shooting stress and health issues

AFTER TRAINING Can I install an automatic flusher? Can I train my cat to flush? Adding a new cat to the house Road trips and hotel stays Moving to a new house Diploma and get featured on relaxed cat Unanswered questions

30 TRAINING CHARTS TO PRINT Pre-training Training steps week 1 and 2 for Steps 1-10 Results compared to pre-training steps 1-10 Acknowledgements Copyright and sharing

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