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Whom The Gods Love

Whom The Gods Love

by M.M. Perry

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  • ISBN 1230001562033
  • English
  • 443 Pages
  • 120633 Words

Whom The Gods Love

by M.M. Perry

When Cass draws her blade, nothing can stop her. Except maybe a god. Cass is eager to help when she is called. Gunnarr is eager to help Cass. When he suggests they go on a mission together, she's pleased the big man noticed her. Unfortunately, the gods have taken notice as well, and that spells trouble for them both. Tasked with a noble entreaty, Cass and Gunnarr set out with a group of friends on a harrowing adventure. It will take more than harpies, giant spiders and ogres to stop them from getting the job done, but the gods are far more dangerous than any of their creations. Certain death lurks at the end of this quest. As Cass and Gunnarr close in on their goal, and to each other, it becomes clear a terrible choice must be made. Cass must decide what's more important to her, the love of a good man, or the life she's trying to save. Can she escape her fate?

Review & Comments

  • Courtney O'Connell

    I loved this book! It's an easy read that flows wonderfully. The author does a really great job describing the world, and I love how the story isn't set from one characters POV. Every character has a chance to show their development every step of the way. Cass is a heroine that we need. She is bold, but still lovable. The king is quite annoying at times, but without him, the story wouldn't be what it is. The ending left me wanting more. I look forward to purchasing the rest of the series to find out what happens to our friends.

    February 02, 2018
  • Angela A

    I so enjoyed this book it was really well written. I am so Looking forward to reading more.

    November 05, 2017

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